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Thank you for taking time to explore our school website. We look forward to guiding you through our admissions process.  We seek to admit learners who possess academic ability, potential, motivation, intellectual curiosity and willingness to try new things. We accept pupils from all backgrounds, who meet the academic criteria.


Fee structure

To request a prospectus and details on fees, please feel free to call us on 04942681225/ 04942685255 or mail us at


  1. Pupils must be polite and respectful towards each member of the school community

  2. Pupils should not call each other by names or use any bad/obscene language

  3.  Pupils must play gently and must NOT push, fight, kick or play rough.

  4.  Pupils most move in the campus gently and quietly.

  5.  Pupils must not bring any toy, jewellery, electric/electronic gadget, mobile phone or any harmful object to the school Pupils can bring money only when the school instructs them. However, they should not keep money in the hostel / classroom.

  6.  Chewing gum, tobacco or other harmful products must not be brought to school/consumed at school.

  7.  Children are expected to be honest.

  8.  Students are not allowed to drive motorbikes/vehicles into the campus.

  9.  Pupils must obey whoever is in charge of them. Any misbehaviour towards school staff shall not be tolerated and will result in action leading to expulsion.

  10.  Parents/guardians must not approach teachers/students directly or otherwise disturb class during study times. Permission from the Principal/HM has to be obtained before meeting the child/teacher.

  11.  The school reserves the right to expel any student when it is felt necessary to do so for the well being of the institution. Any student found guilty of breaking school rules and regulations shall be given a verbal warning in the first instance. In the case of repetition, this will be followed up by a written warning. If there is any further breaking of the rules, then the school may take any action it sees fit including expulsion. Any one expelled will have no legal remedy against the school

  12.  All fees must be paid on time Non-payment of fees will justify expulsion of the student from the class.

  13. Pupils should attend the school wearing their full uniform in the manner prescribed in the diary.

  14. A child should obtain an exit pass in order to leave the campus during working hours.

  15. A child may only be absent from school because of sickness or due to a most unavoidable circumstance. If a child is absent for any reason, on returning to school he/she must bring a letter from parent, justifying the absence.

  16. If any pupil willfully damages school property, then the full cost of repair or replacement will be at his/her parent’s expense.

  17. Parents should try, if at all possible, to keep all medical or dental appointments for their children outside school hours. Additionally, parents are expected to provided the necessary medical information about their children (i.e. injections, vaccinations, handicaps and impairments) or any other useful information that they feel the school should know about.






White shirt with sky blue and orange vertical lines(half-sleev), Black pants, black waist coat,white socks and black shoes.



White shirt with sky blue and orange vertical lines with full sleeves,Black pants, long back waist coat,black shoes,black head scarf(compulsory for III-X Muslim Girls).

Non-Muslim students from I-X standard must braid their hair neatly with white ribbon


Admission Pro

Admission is open to all irrespective of caste, creed and religion.
Registration of seat to Montessori 1st and other classes commences from the middle of November every year.
Children with in the age limit of 31/2 to 12 years as on June 1st are eligible for admission. The right of admission to all classes is reserved by the management.

Application from for admission to Montessori, primary, middle, secondary classes can be obtained from the office of Kamb&m, Ayilakkad.


Below are the documents required for Registration;


1. Copy of Birth certificate 
2. Copy of Immunization card
3. Copy of Aadhar card
4. Two passport size photos
5. One family photo 
6. Transfer certificate 
7. Previous academic year records.

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