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Our Curriculum

The world of teaching is undergoing a “sea changing” these days. Earlier students were asked to memorize answers of short and long length and the excellence of a student was assumed by asking them to reproduce it from their memory. Those days are gone. Now it is learning by doing. Direct experience gives the child a chance to make learning a habit – a part of his/her instinct. That is what we do here. We create the ambience for the child to experience and ask questions. You know great questions have changed the world. We prepare them to ask and find.

Unlike traditional teaching style and class, the class room shall provide more involvement to the student and the teaching mode will remove work oriented. We have implemented in the most modern pedagogical tools and the teachers are given special coaching to suit to this system.

Our curriculum is divided into 3 sections which are MONTESSORI EDUCATION, HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION & MORAL STUDIES. Let's talk each in detail;


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Montessori Education

Kamb&m school of life international follows the Montessori method of education which is based on scientific observation of children. Here each child is valued as a unique individual.We updated the radical interventions of Montessori by incorporating the dynamic insights generated, across various disciplines. The next gen Montessori curriculum address mathematical thinking; Science construction; Social perception; artistic skills; music and the creative language of play with respect to the construction of personal self in tune with social self.

The Montessori concept of education allows the child to experience joy of learning at an age. It teachers the child independence, responsibility and a sense of self worth and accomplishment. The basic principle of the Montessori philosophy is that every child has with in him or her the ability to develop their intellectual, emotional and spiritual power to the fullest.

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PRE PRIMARY (3.5 - 6 Yrs)

Each Montessori classroom gives energy to the kids as it is equipped with colourful Montessori materials. The child feels a homely atmosphere inside the classroom. The child plays understands & explore.

Twice in a week child enjoy the play time under the guidance of our PET instructor. It is too funny and energetic hours as it includes many games and exercises which children always cherishes for.

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PRIMARY (6 - 9 Yrs)

Montessori curriculum is divided in to five areas of learning; Practical, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Cultural. This encourages creativity, curiosity and leads children to ask questions explore, investigate and think for themselves as they acquire skills.


We focus more on student’s learning than a teachers’ learning. Each child is evaluated from their daily activities.



We simply aim to create a better world by giving our children the best we can provide. With us their education becomes a lifelong endeavour. 


The class room community gives the students the opportunity to get to know their fellow students deeply. We are pleased to bestow them opportunities to develop, organize and express themselves in a creative and highly fruitful way.

Pre,Primary&Upper Elemntary
High School Studies



We have highly qualified and experienced teaching staff in high school section. All the staff give the best possible education to the pupils. Programmes to enhance teacher competence, are organized on a regular basis. With the effective teaching and support of all the teachers we could achieve 100% results in the previous years. Our school follows CBSE CURRICULUM. 


  • Smart Classrooms

  • Activity Oriented classes

  • Books free education


  • Periodic Test I

  • Periodic Test II

  • Periodic Test III

  • Annual Examination

Moral Education


The strength of physical health is fertile if one is spiritually bankrupt. We provide classes on humanistic values and ideals in all religions. Students of different religions are given special classes to acquaint with ones religious principles rites.



Kamb&m provides counselling and guidance to the students’ as a part of the regular school program. Educational institutions play a significant role in the promotion of value Education among. The vedas and upanishads form the source of inspiration for value education. We inculcate societal values and an understanding of life, joy, belonging, honesty and justice into every single student and in turn enable them to respond ethically and responsibly to the society. 

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Kamb&m is definitely proud of its madrassa system which moulds citizens firm in Islamic values and religions and truelty patriotic. We follow the syllabus in the pattern of SKMV BOARD under ‘Samastha Kerala Jameyyathul Ulama ‘ – authentic academic of scholars in Kerala. Quran camps, workshops in Islam are conducted under this program to recite and understand Quran profoundly. Audio visual practical tools are used to suit modern needs in these areas

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